While you buy 2 Mbps Broadband Plan & You get Only 200 Kbps Download speed ,Why ?


Why is the top download speed only around 200-250 kbps when the service provider claims that he gives 2 mbps?

Let me correct you first then I will explain you all this.

“Top download speed only around 200-250 kBps when the service provider claims that he gives 2 mbps?”

The difference between ‘b’ and ‘B’ is your answer.

What ISPs advertise is in Megabits per second(Mbps) or kilobits per sec(kbps), but what you see is in megabytes (MBps)/kilobytes (KBps) per second. And 1 byte = 8 bits. So basically the actual download speed that you get is the advertised (bandwidth)/8.

As you wrote that your bandwidth is 2Mbps, you should get a download speed of (2*1024)/8= 256 kB/s. So 250 kB/s download speed is fine on your connection.

So there is nothing wrong with your connection you are getting almost the same as you should be getting. These are just some dirty tricks used by all ISPs to trick consumers.


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